Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Never too late,,

It's been a couple of months since my blog was uploaded last,,a big apologies to that..

I would like to have a new start of this fashion blog. As having a difficulty finding a good photographer to take my picture in time in the past, from now on I am going to take my own picture of whatever I recently purchased and discuss the fashion!

Anyway, moving onto Today's Naoko's fashion issue,,,,,

I used to be such a high street girl, wearing short skirts and tights with some 'trendy' shoes like everyone else did. Though, I am coming out of the safe zone, "follow the crowd" these days. To me, fashion is a way of representing or expressing how the person is. So no matter what you choose to wear, something personal has to come out from the style. As I dance, I realised that it is very important to know my own style, which is really about knowing myself. That also helps me to stand out from crowds.
Anyway what I wanted to say here is that if this was me a year ago I would have still worn some kind of long winter coat from high street shops that most of people bought just because everyonesle was wearing it so they misunderstand that it's 'trendy'.. However, this winter, I decided to present myself more through my fashion style.

So,,,,I bought
Bob Marley T-shirt, to show my interest in Bob Marley culture and the slogan;£15.00 from Beyond Petro(a vintage shop in Oxford Street)
a pearl necklace;£5.00 from the same shop above
a pair of peace earings;price unsure from Top Shop
Nothing much to be explained about this outfit, it presents the message of 'PEACE AND LOVE':)

I do read so many fashion magazines to get inspiration for fashion considering as ART! I learnt that fashion is not all about just clothing that you just daily wear to cover yourself up, but is about seeing and feeling them as an art with respect as having them on our bodies every day..I hope this makes even a tiny bit sense:)
Ciao for now, but I will definitely keep you updated with my fashion discovery very very soon!

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