Sunday, 12 September 2010

Today's my style! 12/09/10

First of all, apologies for a long absence.
I had to go down to London for something to do with my career, for a week.

My experience down there during my stay this time was very interesting, and exciting, with a couple of interviews at casting agencies which went well, VOGUE fashion night out in which I enjoyed being surrounded by fine clothes, and dance lessons and an audition at Pineapple dance studio.

The last photo is of London Eye, taken by my friend Gaika. I love the reflection of London Eye on the river.

The second photo is of me and a hairdresser who was working at Karen Millen's Vogue Night Out. It was a very useful experience for my career as I managed to show my style off, people were starting to notice my style, which is a great feeling to have. I will be putting some more pictures of the night up in the further blog soon.

The first picture is of me trying my new purchases on. I am very fond of the jumper, because my style seems to aim for a baggy casual look, and this jumper covers all my fashion points. It also has to be mentioned about the beautiful pair of shoes, designed by Vivienne Westwood.

Details of outfits in pictures,,

The first picture,,
Jumper: Benetton/ £45.00
Bag:Urban Outfitters/ £32.00
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood/ £70.00

The second picture,,
Top: Top Shop/ £28.00
Pencil skirt: H & M/ £24.99
Tights: Top Shop/ £12.00
Jacket: Borrowed for the night from my friend

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Today's my style! 21/08/2010

Today, I am introducing some of the purchases from Brick Lane, as mentioned in my last blog.
I love this pink dress, as I believe it is very useful and can be worn for any occasions ,casual or even night outs with a fancy pair of high heels or other types of footwear.

Details of my outfits,,
West Coat;Brick Lane Market/£12.00

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Today's my style! 18/08/10

I've just come back from London, which is one of my favourite cities in the world. It has to be said that it's good to get out of the English countryside sometimes, for I had such a great time down there, going around Brick Lane Market where I managed to have a proper Japanese meal cooked by an authentic Japanese chef. Some of the nice vintage outfits I purchased from London will be introduced in my blog at some point soon!
These two photos above of London were taken by my friend Gaika Tavares when we went for a walk from Oxford Street to Tower Bridge very early in the morning. However, I must say that I enjoyed the long tiring walk very much! It wasn't too crowded by tourists like it would have been had it been day time.

In the photo of myself I am wearing one of the purchases from Top Shop in Oxford Street. It was sort of a culture shock for me at first as I was used to the small Top Shop locally, however, I loved the huge Top Shop, I could have spent all day there.. Anyway, the top I am wearing seems to be very much in this season according to the many magazines I've read. Personally, I prefer the back side open to the front side open, this also seems to be very trendy this year.

Details of my outfits,,
Top;Top Shop/£15
Shorts;Top Shop/price unknown
Shoes;Adidas/£30(in sale)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Today's my style! 10/08/10

First of all, apologies for my absence from this blog for a while..I'd like to update it more frequently from now on.

Anyway, the first picture is of me wearing a blue dress, when I went for a "walk",which involved a lot of climbing up on the hills etc in Grange-Over-Sands with my best friend. I am very fond of the colour contrast on the dress.

The next picture is of me wearing my new pair of shorts, purchased from a charity shop. This pair of shorts will become very useful in the autumn season as well as for this time of year, with the trend for this autumn season being apparently the vintage-look. A pair of comfy leather boots and so on could probably be worn nice with the shorts.

Details of the outfits in the picture,,
The first picture,,
Blue dress;Peacocks/price unknown
Boots;River Islands/£29.99

The second picture,,
Top;supplied with ELLE magazine
Shorts;charity shop/£3.30
Belt;Camden market/£5.00
Pumps;Faith/£5.00 (in sale)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Today's my style! 20/07/10

Today, I bought a cool pair of trousers and a pair of high heels in Carlisle, I .went there for an audition.
As soon as I saw the pair of trousers I literally fell in love with them!,,they are crazy, funky,,,absolutely my style!
The reason I bought the pair of high heels, is that I was determined to train myself walking in high heels, for when I become a model finally.It's been really tough as they only want tall models,though I'm not going to give up,I love fashion too much so,,

Anyway, the details of what I'm wearing in the pics are,,,,,

Top;Top Shop/£3
Trousers;Miss Selfridge/£5
High Heels;Miss Selfridge/£40
("Crazy"Sun Glasses;Top Shop/£20)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Today's my style! 18/07/10

The first photo is of me playing with my baby camera;Canon EOS Kiss X3.. I don't like my pink nail varnish because it doesn't fit my mood at the moment, so better put cool green one on soon.
The next photo is of what I'm wearing today.
Belt;Vintage discovered in Camdem Market/£5
Boots;Top Shop/£70
They are not particularly from fancy brands, though I think they dress me up cool..

Saturday, 17 July 2010

My first attempt,,

This being my very first fashion/artie/travel (anything which inspires me) blog, I'm going to put on some oldie photos I took a while ago, whilst I travelled around England. However, I'm intending to show recent photos, when I have shown enough of my oldies.

The photo of a cool piano was taken in a market in London.
The photo of the beautiful scenery was taken from the train back to my home in Cumbria. I love the view from the train trip.The photo of the impressive performer who is"sitting in the air" was taken in Manchester. He did not move even inches while he was performing fully for half an hour at least, such a profession..