Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer report!!

I have to say a big apology for another absense from this blog. It has been very hectic time since I was suffering from an old dance injury.

This time, I will be talking about some fashion icons that I found for Summer(coming into Autumn soon)2011. From what I have seen in NYC, London and Kobe(near Osaka in Japan), I realised that DYE clothings are caught in a sight everywhere. I personally think that DYE clothings make some kind of floating effects and also some sense of uniqueness and creativity within the fashion style.

This above picture is taken at a vintage festival in Southbank in London. I arranged to wear my dye scarf as a top, with just-been-bought hand made skirt, which made the whole outfit individual. This dye scarf has been very useful,because it can be used as a just scarf, dress as it is very long or a kind of jumper with hood on etc. And I also found some jewellies , that could be inspired by dye fashion, in Chelsea market in NYC. These jewellies in the picture are made out of glass, so that gives nice see-through effect as well as the colour contrast. I suppose these would be great for not only summer but for autumn, because they have warmness in their colour.

Details of my outfitt above;

headband:(maybe)£5.00 from Bricklane market
dye scraf:£20.00 from American Apparel
hand made skirt:£15.00 from a vintage shop at the festival
shoes:£70.00 from Vivienne Westwood

P.S At the moment,I am looking for a direction for this fashion blog so I apologise if you find it a bit confusing with where this blog is going,,I am hoping to use this blog to lead me to fashion styling eventually, so it will be easier to be understood once I know what to focus on,,

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