Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Early Christmas time!

I recently visited Cumbria for a night to celebrate an early Christmas and New Year with my English family, who I lived with for a couple of years. During that time they became so close to me that I started calling them my English family. I have spent the past four Christmas's with them,but due to my family situation I will be in Germany this year, so I've had my last visit to Cumbria this year..

We exchanged presents and cards as every family do at Christmas. I had such an amazing family bonding time for the first time in a while.

After my English mum's family left, the two of us treated ourselves to a bottle of wine and some chocolates, of which are pictured above. I am going to miss them over Christmas for sure.
One of the presents I received tonight, I especially liked, the jacket which my English sister gave me. So I am going to talk about it here. As I like the look of 'chic' style, which I believe could become a dramatic element in fashion, I really like this black jacket with the fur attached.I wear a casual top and black elastane leggings with black wedges which I find very comfortable.

Details of my outfit in the picture..

Jacket: Papaya(Matalan), price unknown
Top: Top Shop, price unknown
Leggings: River Island, price unknown
Shoes: New Look, £24.99(estimated)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Never too late,,

It's been a couple of months since my blog was uploaded last,,a big apologies to that..

I would like to have a new start of this fashion blog. As having a difficulty finding a good photographer to take my picture in time in the past, from now on I am going to take my own picture of whatever I recently purchased and discuss the fashion!

Anyway, moving onto Today's Naoko's fashion issue,,,,,

I used to be such a high street girl, wearing short skirts and tights with some 'trendy' shoes like everyone else did. Though, I am coming out of the safe zone, "follow the crowd" these days. To me, fashion is a way of representing or expressing how the person is. So no matter what you choose to wear, something personal has to come out from the style. As I dance, I realised that it is very important to know my own style, which is really about knowing myself. That also helps me to stand out from crowds.
Anyway what I wanted to say here is that if this was me a year ago I would have still worn some kind of long winter coat from high street shops that most of people bought just because everyonesle was wearing it so they misunderstand that it's 'trendy'.. However, this winter, I decided to present myself more through my fashion style.

So,,,,I bought
Bob Marley T-shirt, to show my interest in Bob Marley culture and the slogan;£15.00 from Beyond Petro(a vintage shop in Oxford Street)
a pearl necklace;£5.00 from the same shop above
a pair of peace earings;price unsure from Top Shop
Nothing much to be explained about this outfit, it presents the message of 'PEACE AND LOVE':)

I do read so many fashion magazines to get inspiration for fashion considering as ART! I learnt that fashion is not all about just clothing that you just daily wear to cover yourself up, but is about seeing and feeling them as an art with respect as having them on our bodies every day..I hope this makes even a tiny bit sense:)
Ciao for now, but I will definitely keep you updated with my fashion discovery very very soon!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer report!!

I have to say a big apology for another absense from this blog. It has been very hectic time since I was suffering from an old dance injury.

This time, I will be talking about some fashion icons that I found for Summer(coming into Autumn soon)2011. From what I have seen in NYC, London and Kobe(near Osaka in Japan), I realised that DYE clothings are caught in a sight everywhere. I personally think that DYE clothings make some kind of floating effects and also some sense of uniqueness and creativity within the fashion style.

This above picture is taken at a vintage festival in Southbank in London. I arranged to wear my dye scarf as a top, with just-been-bought hand made skirt, which made the whole outfit individual. This dye scarf has been very useful,because it can be used as a just scarf, dress as it is very long or a kind of jumper with hood on etc. And I also found some jewellies , that could be inspired by dye fashion, in Chelsea market in NYC. These jewellies in the picture are made out of glass, so that gives nice see-through effect as well as the colour contrast. I suppose these would be great for not only summer but for autumn, because they have warmness in their colour.

Details of my outfitt above;

headband:(maybe)£5.00 from Bricklane market
dye scraf:£20.00 from American Apparel
hand made skirt:£15.00 from a vintage shop at the festival
shoes:£70.00 from Vivienne Westwood

P.S At the moment,I am looking for a direction for this fashion blog so I apologise if you find it a bit confusing with where this blog is going,,I am hoping to use this blog to lead me to fashion styling eventually, so it will be easier to be understood once I know what to focus on,,

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First of all, I'd like to give huge apologies to all the followers for me not having been able to update this blog for a while, but don't worry I am back now,,with even much crazier fashion goods!

I am currently in New York for a holiday, as you can see from those pictures on the left, because I needed a break from reality....This city has inspired me in so many ways, such as for my career, my life aspects, the view on relationships and most importantly about individual unique and stylish fashion sense. I will be introducing some of the trends that I found here within the next a couple of posts.

For today, I am going to introduce one of my favourite garments that I purchased in Manchester, where you can find so much vintage for reasonable prices.
These two items above were found in the same vintage shop called Junk. The retail obtains very nice friendly atomosphere. I am very fond of the ring as it is so colourful and can be very playful with the outfit. I also fell in love with the dress above, it is very 'floaty' and it reminded me of work of Erden in Autumn/Winter Collection 2010, that has similar dye pattern which I think that it can be still useful for this summer, because of the play with the colour and so on.

Details of the items,,,,
Octopus ring: £10

P.S I will be referring to some trends for this summer and will be introducing some new designers that I have found in New York in the next blog!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Today's my style! 12/09/10

First of all, apologies for a long absence.
I had to go down to London for something to do with my career, for a week.

My experience down there during my stay this time was very interesting, and exciting, with a couple of interviews at casting agencies which went well, VOGUE fashion night out in which I enjoyed being surrounded by fine clothes, and dance lessons and an audition at Pineapple dance studio.

The last photo is of London Eye, taken by my friend Gaika. I love the reflection of London Eye on the river.

The second photo is of me and a hairdresser who was working at Karen Millen's Vogue Night Out. It was a very useful experience for my career as I managed to show my style off, people were starting to notice my style, which is a great feeling to have. I will be putting some more pictures of the night up in the further blog soon.

The first picture is of me trying my new purchases on. I am very fond of the jumper, because my style seems to aim for a baggy casual look, and this jumper covers all my fashion points. It also has to be mentioned about the beautiful pair of shoes, designed by Vivienne Westwood.

Details of outfits in pictures,,

The first picture,,
Jumper: Benetton/ £45.00
Bag:Urban Outfitters/ £32.00
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood/ £70.00

The second picture,,
Top: Top Shop/ £28.00
Pencil skirt: H & M/ £24.99
Tights: Top Shop/ £12.00
Jacket: Borrowed for the night from my friend

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Today's my style! 21/08/2010

Today, I am introducing some of the purchases from Brick Lane, as mentioned in my last blog.
I love this pink dress, as I believe it is very useful and can be worn for any occasions ,casual or even night outs with a fancy pair of high heels or other types of footwear.

Details of my outfits,,
West Coat;Brick Lane Market/£12.00

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Today's my style! 18/08/10

I've just come back from London, which is one of my favourite cities in the world. It has to be said that it's good to get out of the English countryside sometimes, for I had such a great time down there, going around Brick Lane Market where I managed to have a proper Japanese meal cooked by an authentic Japanese chef. Some of the nice vintage outfits I purchased from London will be introduced in my blog at some point soon!
These two photos above of London were taken by my friend Gaika Tavares when we went for a walk from Oxford Street to Tower Bridge very early in the morning. However, I must say that I enjoyed the long tiring walk very much! It wasn't too crowded by tourists like it would have been had it been day time.

In the photo of myself I am wearing one of the purchases from Top Shop in Oxford Street. It was sort of a culture shock for me at first as I was used to the small Top Shop locally, however, I loved the huge Top Shop, I could have spent all day there.. Anyway, the top I am wearing seems to be very much in this season according to the many magazines I've read. Personally, I prefer the back side open to the front side open, this also seems to be very trendy this year.

Details of my outfits,,
Top;Top Shop/£15
Shorts;Top Shop/price unknown
Shoes;Adidas/£30(in sale)