Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First of all, I'd like to give huge apologies to all the followers for me not having been able to update this blog for a while, but don't worry I am back now,,with even much crazier fashion goods!

I am currently in New York for a holiday, as you can see from those pictures on the left, because I needed a break from reality....This city has inspired me in so many ways, such as for my career, my life aspects, the view on relationships and most importantly about individual unique and stylish fashion sense. I will be introducing some of the trends that I found here within the next a couple of posts.

For today, I am going to introduce one of my favourite garments that I purchased in Manchester, where you can find so much vintage for reasonable prices.
These two items above were found in the same vintage shop called Junk. The retail obtains very nice friendly atomosphere. I am very fond of the ring as it is so colourful and can be very playful with the outfit. I also fell in love with the dress above, it is very 'floaty' and it reminded me of work of Erden in Autumn/Winter Collection 2010, that has similar dye pattern which I think that it can be still useful for this summer, because of the play with the colour and so on.

Details of the items,,,,
Octopus ring: £10

P.S I will be referring to some trends for this summer and will be introducing some new designers that I have found in New York in the next blog!

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