Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Today's my style! 18/08/10

I've just come back from London, which is one of my favourite cities in the world. It has to be said that it's good to get out of the English countryside sometimes, for I had such a great time down there, going around Brick Lane Market where I managed to have a proper Japanese meal cooked by an authentic Japanese chef. Some of the nice vintage outfits I purchased from London will be introduced in my blog at some point soon!
These two photos above of London were taken by my friend Gaika Tavares when we went for a walk from Oxford Street to Tower Bridge very early in the morning. However, I must say that I enjoyed the long tiring walk very much! It wasn't too crowded by tourists like it would have been had it been day time.

In the photo of myself I am wearing one of the purchases from Top Shop in Oxford Street. It was sort of a culture shock for me at first as I was used to the small Top Shop locally, however, I loved the huge Top Shop, I could have spent all day there.. Anyway, the top I am wearing seems to be very much in this season according to the many magazines I've read. Personally, I prefer the back side open to the front side open, this also seems to be very trendy this year.

Details of my outfits,,
Top;Top Shop/£15
Shorts;Top Shop/price unknown
Shoes;Adidas/£30(in sale)

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